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Competing in the sign making business can be tough. You need materials that give you an Edge Over Your Competitors. Materials that provide Value. Materials In Stock and available when you need them. Materials with Consistent Quality.
It’s time to Go Briteline®.

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Variety can be a good thing, but not when it comes to your digital media and banner materials. You want to get the same consistent color that pops every time. That’s why we focus on making materials with consistent white point, consistent adhesion and consistent quality throughout.

  • Consistent Adhesion
  • Consistent White Point
Introducing briteline®

Heat Transfer Vinyl

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2 mil  
Cast Translucent Film

A 2.0 mil cast translucent vinyl with permanent adhesive and a synthetic liner. Designed for back or internally illuminated signage.

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G-Flex Plus

Our most popular textile transfer film, G-Flex Plus, is recognized for its superior application on many different fabrics.

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G-Flex Turbo

G-Flex Turbo’s three-second press time and low temperature application eliminates scorching on a range of sensitive fabrics.

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G-Flex Blockout

For maximum opacity, G-Flex Blockout features a poli-flex layer to guarantee brighter colors and sublimation resistance.

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G-Flex Stretch

The reflection-free surface of G-Flex Stretch retains its legibility and quality even when stretched to 300% its original size.

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G-Flex Glitter

The glitter-coated G-Flex Glitter film delivers a high sparkle finish that is perfect for fashion and promotional products.

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G-Flex Ultra Glitter

The ultra glitter-coated G-Flex Ultra Glitter film has a textured feel and a high sparkle finish that is perfect for fashion products.

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G-Flex Nylon

Designed for difficult fabrics, G-Flex Nylon provides the highest adhesion for unbeatable durability and wash resistance.

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The briteline® Difference

Heavily Stocked,
Readily Available

We know you need a supplier that can deliver material quickly. That’s why we stock large quantities of briteline® products in our centrally located distribution center as well as our warehouses located throughout North America. Just another reason to Go briteline®.

  • Supported by Trained Personnel
  • Flexible Products
  • 48 Hour Turnaround
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The briteline® Difference

A Knowledgeable
team at your service

We know that it can be hard for you to be an expert when it comes to specifying the best material for every application. That’s why briteline® products are supported by a team of knowledgeable sign printing specialists that make your job easier and give you a competitive edge in the market.

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