G-Flex HTV Printables

Briteline® G-Flex Heat Transfer Printables offers a high-quality application of your printed designs on a variety of suitable textiles. Our entire range of printable heat transfer films is compatible with eco-solvent and solvent-ink types, giving you extremely durable, vibrant, and wash-resistant colors. The hotmelt on G-Flex was engineered so you can produce graphics for sports, leisure, workwear, fashion and promotional items with confidence and consistency.

Products for All Your Signage Applications
Turbo Print 236

G-Flex Turbo Print 236 is our Top Seller that achieves a fast press time and is suitable for a variety of textiles including nylon.

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Ultimate Print Soft 230

G-Flex Ultimate Print Soft 230 provides a thin film with a soft feel and a high-resolution print.

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Ultimate Print Soft 231

Ultimate Print Soft 231 Gloss is a superiorly thin white printable heat transfer vinyl that gives you a glossy finish.

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Blockout Print 210

Offering maximum opacity, G-Flex Blockout 210 is an exceptional printable heat transfer vinyl for dark colored fabrics.

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Supersoft Print 233

Being only 2 mils thick, Ultimate Print Supersoft 233 Matte is very soft to the touch on textiles, living up to its name.

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Ultimate Print Transparent Soft 234

The transparency of Ultimate Print Transparent Soft 234 Matte makes it intended to be used on light colored fabrics.

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Ultimate Print Nylon 235

Compatible with solvent and eco-solvent inks, G-Flex Ultimate Print Nylon 235 was designed with difficult fabrics in mind.

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850 High Adhesion

With a high adhesion, HTV Tape 850 is great for the thermal transfer of finely detailed heat transfer vinyl to textiles.

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854 Medium Adhesion

Being our top selling transfer tape, HTV Tape 854 is harmonized for the transfer of our printable heat transfer vinyl.

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853 Low Adhesion

Given its low adhesion, HTV Tape 853 is great for thermal transfer to textiles, or it can be used as a protective cover..

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