Our Brand

Our Brand

With a robust and versatile portfolio, Briteline® offers a product for nearly all your signage applications. As a Briteline customer, you need a supplier that consistently delivers a quality product every time, on time. We focus on providing materials that are consistent from roll to roll and readily available when you need them. When it comes to the application of our products, Briteline strives to serve our customers and offer an abundance of product knowledge from our team of sign printing specialists.

Briteline & Grimco®

Briteline products are sold exclusively by Grimco, one of the most respected sign distributors in the nation. The Briteline brand is also part of the GRIMCO Exclusives family of products, an innovative line of products developed to give your sign business an advantage over the competition.

The briteline® Difference

A Knowledgeable
team at your service

We know that it can be hard for you to be an expert when it comes to specifying the best material for every application. That’s why briteline® products are supported by a team of knowledgeable sign printing specialists that make your job easier and give you a competitive edge in the market.

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