Calendered Vinyl Film

Whether you are looking for a permanent or removable adhesive, the Briteline® Duration series has you covered. These calendered vinyl films come in gloss or matte finishes with a clear or gray adhesive to make your prints 100% opaque. They are ideal for producing all types decals, stickers, nameplates, die-cut letters, POP displays and other permanent interior and exterior signage.

Products for All Your Signage Applications

A 3.4 mil. matte white vinyl with permanent clear adhesive and 90# polycoated liner great for flat and simple curves in non-spill areas.

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A 3 mil matte white vinyl film coated with a removable, clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive ideal for temporary

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A 3.4 mil. gloss white vinyl with permanent clear adhesive and 90# polycoated liner great for flat and simple curves in non-spill areas.

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A 3.0 mil gloss white vinyl with a clear low tac removable adhesive ideal for window decals and short to med term applications.

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A 3.0 mil clear gloss film coated with permanent clear acrylic adhesive that bonds to a variety of common substrates.

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Designed for easy application on flat, simple surfaces. Features an extra thick, 6-mil vinyl with a clear permanent adhesive. Perfect for end user installs.

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A flexible film coated with a permanent grey pressure-sensitive adhesive that offers great opacity.

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A flexible film coated with a removable grey adhesive that offers great opacity with added flexibility for wall and floor applications.

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A 3.0 mil white gloss vinyl film coated with permanent gray acrylic designed for large format interior or exterior signage, decals and more.

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A 3.4 mil. calendared PVC floor film with removable clear adhesive is great for short-term floor applications.

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A 2.3 mil. high performance calendared film with removable gray adhesive is great for vehicle wraps and decal applications.

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A 6mil polymeric film with a removable adhesive that is extremely easy to install and prints beautifully. Can be used for any indoor/outdoor flat applications that require a removable adhesive.

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This 3.4 mil film is intended for temporary graphics on commercial grade carpet. Its acrylic adhesive is tacky enough to grab the carpet fibers while still removing clean.

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