Briteline’s G-Flex Nylon

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Briteline’s G-Flex Nylon

There are two Briteline G-Flex cut HTVs that work with Nylon garments. Learn how work with G-FLEX Nylon in this video!

August 22, 2019

By: Courtney

Nylon is heat sensitive and can shrink when exposed to heat. To ensure that your graphic has a wrinkle-free application, pre-press/pre-shrink your garment by applying low pressure at 300*F for 4-5 seconds.

*Protect nylon garments with silicone paper or parchment paper at every press.

Allow your garment to cool to room temperature then apply your G-FLEX Nylon image for 4-seconds under medium pressure. Peel liner lukewarm.

Cover image and garment with protective paper and re-press for 10 seconds.

*Always test for stability.
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